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The Chiffons - Sweet Talkin' Girls

Lj Travis reminded me that I promised I'd upload this for him, and since for some reason YSI is giving me a free upgrade for 30 days (I'm assuming this is a ploy to try and get me to start paying for their services - joke's on you YSI, I'm a graduate student, haha!), I figured I'd post this around. I uploaded zips of the newish Chiffons compilation Sweet Talkin' Girls. Help yourself. It'll be up for 2 weeks or for 500 downloads. There are two links because there are two discs, and thus I made two zip files.



The songs on the compilation:

Disc: 1
1. He's So Fine
2. Oh My Lover
3. Lucky Me
4. One Fine Day
5. Why Am I So Shy
6. My Block
7. When I Go To Sleep At Night
8. Mystic Voice
9. A Love So Fine
10. Only My Friend
11. When The Boy's Happy (The Girl's Happy Too)
12. I Have A Boyfriend
13. I'm Gonna Dry My Eyes
14. Easy To Love (So Hard To Get)
15. Tonight I Met An Angel
16. Sailor Boy
17. When Summer's Through
18. Strange Strange Feeling
19. What Am I Gonna Do With You (Hey Baby)
20. Nobody Knows What's Going On
21. The Real Thing
22. Tonight I'm Gonna Dream
23. The Heavenly Place
24. Did You Ever Go Steady
25. Now That You're My Baby

Disc: 2
01. Sweet Talkin' Guy
02. Down Down Down
03. Open Your Eyes (I Will Be There)
04. Thumbs Down
05. Dream Dream Dream
06. Out Of This World
07. Just A Boy
08. Stop, Look And Listen
09. March
10. My Boyfriend's Back
11. I Got Plenty Of Nuttin'
12. Keep The Boy Happy
13. He's A Bad One
14. If I Knew Then (What I Know Now)
15. Just For Tonight
16. Teach Me How
17. Up On The Bridge
18. Love Me Like You're Gonna Lose Me
19. Three Dips Of Ice Cream
20. Secret Love
21. Every Boy And Every Girl
22. I Don't Deserve A Boy Like You
23. Remember Me Baby
24. So Much In Love
25. My Sweet Lord
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